A la Carte Evening Menu

Served daily from 4:30pm

The Beginning

Soup of the Day,

Served with Ciabatta (7, 9) €5

Ardsallagh Goats Cheese crostini

Goats log on ciabatta, fig jam, balsamic reduction, sundried tomato tapenade.   (1, 7, 8, 10) €8.95

Masterson’s Wings

Cooked in our Famous Hot Sauce, served with Celery and Garlic Dip (3, 7, 9, 10) €9.95

Duck Liver Pate

With brioche toasts, fig chutney & leaves. (1, 3, 7) €8.95

Masterson’s Famous Sizzlin’  Prawns

in a Chilli & Garlic White Wine Cream, on a Hot Skillet, with garlic toasts. (1, 2, 7) €12.95

Tandoori Goujon

Best seller from our very first menu, marinated, lightly crumbed, with tandoori riatta. (1, 3, 7) €6.95

Home Made Corn Nachos

Topped with Traditional Mexican Style Ground Beef, Guacamole, Salsa & Crème Fraiche (1, 7, 10)  €8.95

Stuffed Mushrooms

With ricotta& mozzarella, crumbled, with garlic mayo. (1, 7) €8.95

The Steaks

Indulge in our 28 day, dry aged, grass fed Irish Beef by John Stone. Using traditional dry aging methods, it adds an exceptional tenderness, depth of flavour and texture to the cut.

Fillet of Beef 8oz

The most tender of all steaks, sublime, but subtle flavour. (1, 7)  €29.95


One of the most flavoursome steaks, it has a strip of fat, adding flavour. (1/7) (1,7)  €25.95

Rump Fillet

Rich, beefy steak with a juicy, but firm, bite. (1, 7) €18.95

rib eye steak

8oz Rib-eye steak, loads of marbling, for flavour; not for the amateur. (1, 7) €26.95

Surf & Turf

8oz succulent Fillet Steak with Jumbo Tiger Prawns in our red wine & prawn bisque (1, 2, 7) €37.95

 1KG Cotes de Boeuf, steak on the stone for two sharing

1KG Cotes de Boeuf, steak on the stone for two sharing

Steak on The stone

8oz fillet   €29.95

8oz fillet on a stone, with your choice of side.

Cote de Boeuf   €59.95

1 kilo of the best dry aged beef, perfect for 2 people sharing, served with your choice of sides.

Chateau Briand (Sharing for 2)   €59.95

16 oz of Fillet Beef, sliced into medallions and cooked to your liking, served with your choice of sides (2)  (1, 7)

 **All Steaks are served with sweet potato puree, tobacco onions, & a choice of chips or salad.**

(Upgrade to any Side order for €2)

Choice of Sauces

Masterson’s Bourbon Steak Sauce, Brandy Peppercorn Sauce, Garlic Butter, Red Wine Jus.

**Please Allow 45 Minutes for a Well Done Steak**

The Rest

8hr Braised Feather Blade flatiron steak

Beef shoulder, slow cooked in the oven for 8 hours

Celeriac Puree, Braised Red Cabbage, Hash, Pan Juices

(1, 7) €18.50

Overnight Braised Lamb Shoulder

Sweet potato puree, creamy mash,chick pea balti, tobacco onions, red wine jus, mint yoghurt. (7, 10) €19.95

BBQ Baby Back Ribs

With our homemade BBQ sauce, slaw, Crispy Onion & Fries (1, 3, 10) €17.95

The Irish Burger

With smoked applewood cheese, limerick bacon, Ballymaloe mayonnaise, tobacco onions, chips. (1/3/7/10)  €14.95

Burrito Burger

A Burger in a burrito, complete with chips !  - Served with patatas bravas.  (1, 3, 7, 10)  €16.95

The Mexican

The Masterson’s burger, topped with chilli beef, guacamole, sour crème, chips. (1/3/7/10)  €16.95

***Add a fried egg to any burger, €1***

pinchos pollo

Tex Mex Chicken, Skewered, sauted veg, bravas, pico & Guacamole. €15.95

Chicken Ericanna

Chicken breast roulade, spinach leaves & tiger prawns (2,7) €18.95


Mediterranean vegetables bound in tomato sauce, wrapped in a tortilla & topped with cream & parmesan. (1, 7, 12)  €15.95

Chick pea balti

With mint yoghurt, crème fraiche, tandoori dressing, garlic pitta. (1, 7) €15.95

Pan fried Hake

With Chorizo & Smoked Gubeen Cheese Risotto, Sweet Potato Puree, Chorizo Mayo (3, 4, 7, 10) €16.95

Steakhouse Pizza

Topped with a selection of artisan meats. (1, 7)  €14.95

Goats Cheese Pizza

Mozzarella, red onion, rocket, peppers, chorizo, crumbled goats log (1, 7)  €14.95


Side orders

  • Potato Brava’s pan fried roosters with chorizo, spring onion, chorizo mayonnaise,  €4.50
  • Garlic Potatoes, also known as our pommes dauphineoise.  €5
  • House salad tossed in house style vinaigrette.  €3.50
  • Sweet baked Potato with Creme fraiche.  €4.50
  • Select Vegetables of the day.  €4.50
  • Mac n Cheese.  €4.50
  • Sauté Mushrooms  €4
  • Sauté Onion  €4
  • Creamed Spinach   €5
  • Caesar Side Salad  €4.50


List of Allergens:

1. Gluten   2. Shellfish   3. Eggs   4. Fish   5. Peanuts   6. Soybean   7. Milk   8. Nuts    9. Celery    10. Mustard   11. Sesame   12. Sulphur   13. Lupin    14. Molluscs

**Please advise your server of any food allergies**

When you’re good you’re good but when you’re great you’re Mastersons!
— Adam McEvoy