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Welcome to Mastersons

Masterson's Steak House and Wine Bar in Swords is family run steak house and grill offering the perfect spot for dinner and a night out. The atmosphere is relaxing, yet fun, with an emphasis on good food at reasonable prices.

You're sure to find the perfect choice on our menu, and the food is always top notch. Whether you are having a family night out or entertaining a date, Masterson's Steak House & Wine Bar is the place to be.

"We liked Masterson’s a lot; it's a real classic American steakhouse and the food is complemented by a young and enthusiastic staff that keep up with the hustle and bustle of this busy dining room with what looks like little effort, but belies the hard work that goes into making the difficult appear easy.

This is a great spot for a night out, the atmosphere is here in spades, there is great value for money and the food is very good. Steak a claim." Taste of Ireland 2013.